Meet the Team



Co-Owner, Founder, Lead Photographer

Since she was 14 years old, photography has been Ciarra’s passion and creative outlet. Over the years she has photographed families, weddings, couples, events, and more--but when she shot her first boudoir session, everything changed. She knew boudoir was the only thing she wanted to photograph for the rest of her life.

As a self-described empath who instantly puts other people at ease, Ciarra regularly makes clients laugh until they feel like they might pee their pants. Shooting with Ciarra feels like hanging out with your lifelong best friend (who is completely obsessed with your butt). Ciarra loves celebrating women and making them feel beautiful, and her own experiences with anxiety and the dramatic body changes that come along with motherhood give her a unique ability to understand and empathize with clients. Originally from Vancouver, WA, Ciarra is a 28 year old mother of four who is happily married to her biggest supporter. If she’s not shooting a boudoir session, you can find her chasing her four littles around a nearby park or eating her way through her favorite restaurants.



Co-Owner, Marketing Director, Associate Photographer

Taylor has always been passionate about fighting the patriarchy, but that passion had little crossover with her career in marketing. When she met Ciarra, they instantly clicked, and she jumped at the opportunity to become Ciarra’s work wife. Together, they turned Ciarra Godson Boudoir into Naked Peach Boudoir. As a lifelong dancer with a passion for makeup and hair and a background in working for wedding magazines, assisting, posing and eventually photographing boudoir shoots came naturally to her.

Taylor never stops finding opportunities to make Tiktoks. At shoots, she will contort herself (sometimes to the point of injury) to show clients how to hit the perfect pose. She draws on her own personal battles with body image and self-love to empathize with clients and make them feel seen, heard, and beautiful exactly as they are. Taylor is a 31 year old old born-and-raised Portlander. When she’s not making boudoir content, she can be found cuddling her cat, eating pizza with her fiance, taking a dance class, or shopping for clothes she doesn’t need.



Makeup Artist & Posing Master

Kaylena is a self-taught master of glam, and Ciarra’s childhood best friend. She fell in love with the power of makeup early on, when she would apply her mom’s makeup as a kid. Eventually, Kaylena took her skills to the next level when she became a mother herself, learning as much as she could about technique as a way to reconnect with herself during pregnancy and explore her own creativity.

Kaylena is like every client’s big sister - she always knows the perfect pose to flatter everybody, and can recommend the right product for every beauty question. Her own struggles with body image have shown her how to use kindness, empathy, and an open mind to help clients find their confidence and sexiness. Kaylena is a 29 year old Colorado native who spent her childhood in Alaska before relocating to Washington - first to Vancouver, and then to Camas. When she’s not glamming and posing clients, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts, hanging with her son and her fiance, watching makeup tutorials, or going wine-tasting.



Associate Photographer

For over six years, photography has been Anna’s passion, her creative outlet, a way of documenting her love of travel, and a reason to step away from the computer screen. Anna worked her way up in the tech industry, first as an engineer, then as a product manager, and has always been drawn to startup environments, especially ones where she had the chance to help mentor and empower other women. She brings her love for growing new businesses and showing women how valuable they are to Naked Peach’s small, all-female team and its clients.

What Anna loves most about shooting boudoir is showing other women how she sees them, rather than how they see themselves. Anna has firsthand experience with being her own worst critic, and knows the difference it makes when we can see what our friends and those who love us see in us - our strengths and both our inner and outer beauty. Originally from Bulgaria, Anna is 30 years old and has been living in the PNW since she was a child. When she’s not shooting clients, you can find her traveling, hiking, building delicious charcuterie boards, and hanging with her husband and insta famous cat, Zeus.