Why You Should Do A Boudoir Shoot With Your Significant Other

mixed race couple posing for an intimate couples boudoir photoshoot on a bed

These are a great way to get some incredible photos of you and your significant other that are magical, intimate, and SEXY AF. Here are just a FEW of the reasons you should do a boudoir shoot with your significant other: 1. You will get to feel closer to your SO  When you are doing a boudoir …... READ MORE >

5 Reasons to Book a Bridal Boudoir Session for Portland Brides

bridal boudoir photoshoot in portland oregon

We love working with brides! The months leading up to your wedding will be some of the most special, memorable moments of your life. There’s no better time to capture your beauty and confidence on camera. Plus, when you book a boudoir shoot, you’ll give yourself and your future spouse the gift of a …... READ MORE >

Boudoir Doesn't Have to Be Overly Feminine

Here at Naked Peach Boudoir, we are ALL about female empowerment! We do boudoir because we want you to feel sexy, empowered, and confident just the way you are. Usually, when people think about boudoir, a few things come to mind; frilly lingerie, curvy bodies, long hair, and all things girly and …... READ MORE >

How To Choose Your Boudoir Photographer

Having a boudoir session done is a vulnerable and exhilarating experience. When choosing a photographer to capture the beauty that is YOU, you want someone who will provide an exciting experience and someone who understands the level of vulnerability and trust that goes into a session. You need a …... READ MORE >

Do I Have to Get Naked to Do a Boudoir Session?

We get it, our name is NAKED Peach Boudoir - so one might assume that nudity is part of the package! However, when it comes to a boudoir session at our studio, you do NOT have to get naked. Boudoir is not about being naked - boudoir is about celebrating you! We value who you are and our goal is to …... READ MORE >

12 Things You Should Do To Prepare For Your Boudoir Shoot

woman posing for boudoir photos in classy Portland oregon photography studio wearing a snake print bodysuit

So, you booked your boudoir shoot - now what? Like anyone doing something new and exciting for the first time, you probably have a million questions. What should I wear? When should I shave? Do I need to come wearing a full face of makeup?  You are in luck because we have everything laid out …... READ MORE >

Boudoir, Body Image, & Your Best Self

Photo of a woman in a boudoir photography studio in Portland oregon

Throughout our team’s time as a boudoir photographer, it has become abundantly clear how our bodies are scrutinized by the media and society, especially as women. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that we are taught to hate our bodies, and therefore, ourselves. That, however, is the …... READ MORE >

Why You Don’t Need To Lose Weight Before Your Boudoir Shoot

We hear it all the time. Like, ALL the time.  “I’m going to book once I lose that stubborn 15lbs!” “Once I reach my goal weight, then I will do a boudoir session.” “If I could just get the baby weight off, then I will be in for a shoot!” Girl, we get it. We completely get it!  You want to …... READ MORE >